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Welcome to our Hooped Fur Gallery!

We are very excited to offer these unique items. Each pelt is carefully matched with a hoop that best compliments it's shape. Shipping and handling is included in the price shown for each item. Please note that as individual furs sell, these choices will be unavailable. Updates to current inventory will be made as often as possible.

New! We are adding a hooping service whereby your own tanned fur/hides will be custom hooped in river willow using the same lacing and attention to detail that we use with our own products. Click on the Hoop Your Pelt link above for more information.

Wolverine WV304 New!


Hoop measures 24"X41"
$595.00 S&H included

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New year!

Mike and Susan

Wolverine WV305 New!


Hoop measures 19"X45"
$645.00 S&H included

Beaver BV684 New!


Hoop measures 31"X45"
$215.00 S&H included

Lynx LX101

Lynx LX101

Hoop measures 16"X54"
$350.00 S&H included

Lynx LX102

Lynx LX102

Hoop measures 18"X49"
$325.00 S&H included

Out tentative schedule for 2019

Feb.13-17, 2019
Northland Outdoors
Duluth Deer Classic

Duluth Entertainment
Convention Center, Duluth, MN

March 29-31, 2019
Deer/Turkey Expo
Madison, WI
Alliant Energy Center

May 2-5, 2019
Bloody Lake Rendezvous
Blackhawk Memorial Park
Woodford, WI

June 13-16, 2019
Prairie Villa Rendezvous
Prairie du Chien, WI

July 11-13, 2019
National Trappers Convention
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
Springfield, MO

Aug. 16-18, 2019
Galesburg Heritage Days
Lake Storey Park
Galesburg, Il.

More events in 2019

Aug. 23-25, 2019
Reedsburg Heritage Days
Reedsburg Pioneer Village
Reedsburg, WI

Sept. 6-7, 2019
Wisconsin Trappers Convention
Marshfield Fairgrounds
Marshfield, WI

Oct. 5-6, 2019
Big Island Rendezvous & Festival
Albert Lea, Mn
Bancroft Bay Park

Oct. 19-20, 2019
Frenchman's Frolic
Macktown Historic Site
Rockton, Il

(As always, the schedule is
subject to change. Please email
or call us if you are planning
on a specific event to catch us.)

Thank you for visiting!
Mike and Susan

Wolverine WV306 New!


Hoop measures 22"X49"
$945.00 S&H included

Beaver BV685 New!


Hoop measures 29"X44"
$205.00 S&H included

Mike and Susan

All dressed up!

I'll bet you didn't know
'ol trappers clean up so well!

(re; Mike not Susan!)

Grey Fox FG232

Grey Fox FG232

Hoop measures 15"X36"
$155.00 S&H included

Beaver BV702 New!

Beaver BV702

Hoop measures 22"X30"
$130.00 S&H included

Beaver BV703 New!

Beaver BV703

Hoop measures 23"X33"
$135.00 S&H included

Beaver BV704 New!

Beaver BV704

Hoop measures 23"X36"
$140.00 S&H included

Ranch Fox FH341 New!

Ranch Fox FH341

Hoop measures 15"X44"
$235.00 S&H included

Beaver BV688 New!


Hoop measures 29"X42"
$180.00 S&H included

Badger BG423 New!

Badger BG423

Hoop measures 16"X44"
$195.00 S&H included

This item is sold.

Badger BG424

Badger BG424

Hoop measures 18"X34"
$185.00 S&H included

This item is sold.

Beaver BV689 New!


Hoop measures 29"X43"
$195.00 S&H included

Mike aka Muskrat


Here's an example of Mike as
"always the teacher" discussing
Beaver biology. Note hoops in
the background ready for pelts.

Beaver BV696 New!


Hoop measures 31"X43"
$195.00 S&H included

Coyote CY459

Coyote CY459

Hoop measures 21"X51"
$235.00 S&H included

Coyote CY457

Coyote CY457

Hoop measures 23"X60"
$325.00 S&H included

Badger BG420

Badger BG420

Hoop measures 17"X41"
$180.00 S&H included

Beaver BV624

BV624 Painted Wolf

Hoop measures 21"X31"
$200.00 S&H included

Beaver BV697 New!


Hoop measures 31"X46"
$210.00 S&H included

Beaver BV705 New!

Beaver BV705

Hoop measures 21"X33"
$125.00 S&H included

Beaver BV706 New!

Beaver BV706

Hoop measures 23"X34"
$145.00 S&H included

Beaver BV707 New!

Beaver BV707

Hoop measures 24"X32"
$160.00 S&H included

Beaver BV698 New!


Hoop measures 29"X39"
$175.00 S&H included

This item is sold.

Red Fox FR155 New!

Red Fox FR155

Hoop measures 18"X42"
$215.00 S&H included

Badger BG425 New!

Badger BG425

Hoop measures 18"X37"
$190.00 S&H included

Beaver BV681 New!
(Plucked and sheared.)


Hoop measures 30"X44"
$235.00 S&H included

Fisher FI132

Fisher FI132

Hoop measures 11"X40"
$175.00 S&H included

Beaver BV682 New!
(Plucked and sheared.)


Hoop measures 28"X40"
$220.00 S&H included

Wolverine WV307 New!


Hoop measures 18"X47"
$795.00 S&H included

This item is sold.

Badger BG426 New!

Badger BG426

Hoop measures 16"X42"
$180.00 S&H included

Otter OT527 New!


Hoop measures 18"X46"
$255.00 S&H included

Beaver BV700 New!


Hoop measures 30"X43"
$190.00 S&H included

Red Fox FR151

Red Fox FR151

Hoop measures 16"X44"
$170.00 S&H included

Beaver BV701 New!


Hoop measures 30"X42"
$180.00 S&H included

Beaver BV708 New!

Beaver BV708

Hoop measures 22"X34"
$140.00 S&H included

Beaver BV683


Hoop measures 31"X44"
$200.00 S&H included

Beaver BV709

Beave BV709

Hoop measures 24"X36"
$145.00 S&H included

This item is sold.

Otter OT526 New!


Hoop measures 17"X44"
$245.00 S&H included

Cross Fox FC413 New!

Cross Fox FC413

Hoop measures 18"X43"
$225.00 S&H included

Wolverine WV308 New!


Hoop measures 17"X42"
$695.00 S&H included


Mike and Susan
108 Mary Street
Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805

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